This year cake, next year hoverboards/the world.

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When Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis made Back to the Future park II set in 2015, they said they’d meet up to see what actually came true from their classic 1989 film. From what we can see, the only thing that’s really true (Flying cars? Working for Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers?) is that Johnny B Goode is still a really popular rock ‘n roll song.

So we continue to play it. In fact, we played it on the 1st of January 2014 at a wedding in London and played it a further 25 times, at weddings, birthdays, charity gigs and even once in the NEC in Birmgham, ending up playing it tonight, the 31st of December, in Notton Village hall.


So hang on, where have we been this past 12 months? And what on earth do we think we’ve done?

The Turnarounds turned 3 this year. People often compare dogs to humans in terms of years, but I think we’re probably 17 in band years and a bit grumpy with it too, usually harmlessly. We’ve eaten a lot of buffet and raided the wedding cake on a good few occasions. We’ve accidentally turned all the lights off just before we started playing, done a gig in a train shed, tipped water all over ourselves, accidentally signed ourselves up to a German road-trip, been stage-invaded, had beer spilled on us, played “where’s the wireless wandering bassist gone?”, had various bits of percussion stolen from the stage, been asked to play Valerie by the Zutons 152 times, witnessed a family hit each other with shoes at a wedding, dressed up like misshapen skeletons, and prematurely said goodbye to our van.

We’ve had massive support from our friends and family along the way, including a special mention to JJ, Billy, and Cat for providing harmonious musical and emotional support, and the band WAGs who continue to tolerate our absence from their lives most weekends. Big shout out to Paul at ProTwo studios who has us pretty well sorted when we turn up at his studio not knowing the words to our own songs, and of course the folks at Eiger.

It’s been an excellent year, and looking at our band planner, 2015 is going to be similarly good. 2015 has a special significance for two reasons; we release our EP “Miles from Memphis” and we do our 100th gig!

Our 100th gig is not yet booked so if you want to be that special person, get in touch at, and keep an eye on the gigs @theturnarounds on twitter or too.

Happy New Year from The Turnarounds x


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