To cover or not to cover?

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We have been asked many times what sort of band we are, what type of music? Do you just do covers or have you any original material? Well, the answer is that the Turnarounds are a double-edged sword, a two-sided coin, there is a dark side to our moon (we’ll stop there).


We are a blues souled rock and roll band who, for the most part, play covers of some of the great songs of decades gone by. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday or bar mitzvah, we will bring the Creedence, Dion (not Celine), Queen, Ray Charles, Springsteen and a healthy dose of Chuck Berry to fuel your dancing shoes.


We love playing these songs and can’t help but get inspired by them. So, between the funky music and all the twisting and shouting, we also like to write and record songs of our own. In fact, we released our first ever EP, Miles From Memphis at Mustard Stock in Chapel Allerton last summer. It is available on CD and on Itunes etc., and there were a number of limited edition MFM Frisbees flying around too!


After a few gigs in rain and shine, our originals side has had to take a back seat as, not only have we been really busy playing all kinds of private events, we have had a Turnarounds Wedding (congrats Ben and Cat!) and the first mini Turnaround, William, arrived in December!


Following this break from playing our own stuff, we have decided it is time to get writing again. To be honest, with the massive musical talent that William will have inherited from his Mum and Dad, we haven’t got long before he will be playing us off stages across the country. We figured we had better get a move on so we are aiming to get back in the studio to record a new EP later on this year!


The working title for this EP is the raffle ticket inspired “Green With A White Border” or the catchy abbreviation, “GWAWB” (ideas on a postcard people). The songs are coming together in the practice room and with a series of public gigs scheduled in the upcoming months we shall be giving them an airing alongside our Miles From Memphis tracks and some classic covers to let them come to life and grow into studio ready numbers!




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