S-S-Studio, woah woah!

Posted by Chris Hornby on November 11, 2014 Our Blog | | No comments

We’re done! Three full days of playing, singing, harmonising, listening, recording, retrying, and nipping out for coffees, and what a wonderful few days it was.

After the last successful session at Pro Two Studios in Castleford, we went back to see our friend Paul who now knows how to make us sound our best/tolerate us. Our usual breaks to nip to the local pasty shop have been replaced with runs to get massive coffees – not sure if this is a sign of sensibility creeping in or keeping our energy levels up!

We’re hanging on for the final recordings to be mixed and mastered, but if listening to the rough cuts is anything to go by, they’re going to sound brilliant. We can’t wait for you to hear them.

In the meantime, check out what it’s like to spend some time with us in a studio with no windows for three days….

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