What makes a gig happen?

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Who is in the live music ecosystem?

There are lots of bits and bobs that slot into place to make a gig happen, and most of it happens behind the scenes. The loud rocking part is just a small portion of what goes on! Here’s a Turnarounds guide to it all..


The music loving audience
Their role is to enjoy themselves, dance, sing, collar the lead singer and ask for something we do/don’t know or love/hate or any combination of those things.


The venue
The venue is where it all happens, be it a lakeside shack in the highlands of Scotland, a pub in Wakefield, or a fancy shmancy hotel in London, they can serve up buffet, pickled eggs or just pints of water..


The promoter
The role of the promoter is mysterious and shrouded in secrecy. You’ll see them lurking at the back of a good gig looking happy with themselves, or skulking out of a bad one. Most importantly it’s their job to get people to the gig, publicise, promote, beg, borrow and steal to fill up the venue above. They’re often Arthur Daley types but we love ’em all the same.


The band
Oh them? They just turn up and play. Along with of course the hours of grueling rehearsing, reversing of vans, purchasing shedloads of equipment in nice boxes, putting up with bad jokes, smells and taste in clothes, eating of pasties at Tibshelf services, and the odd “where are we” at 2am.


The post-gig kebab shop

Delicious, tasty, meaty, fatty goodness. Down your chin and your clothes. Did you know that playing a musical instrument burns about 1000 calories? It would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?

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