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Posted by Chris Hornby on September 21, 2018 Our Blog | | No comments

The new iPhone software launched this week, and contained within it was something new – ScreenTime. If anyone has this, take a deep breath and look at it, you might be surprised how much time you spend engaged in social media, apps, internet or even on old fashioned phone calls. You might be horrified!

This led me to think – how much are the worlds of music and technology overlapping now?

In the early 2000’s when all of us were engaged in different musical ventures it was very much an analogue affair – maps to venues were printed in advance, you’d make a phone call to a venue to try and a get a gig, sat navs were expensive so you had a map or relied on local knowledge to get to place. AA routefinder on the internet was often printed out and you’d hit the road with a piece of paper! Set lists were scribbled on bits of spare A4 (often the aforementioned AA instructions) and taped to the floor. Payment was in cash. People found out about you via posters near venues or word of mouth or Forums, music was on CD’s (or vinyl if you were trendy) and if something broke, you had to look for a local music shop to sort it out.

Fast forward to 2018.

Most people who book us find out about us via twitter, Facebook, a booking site, or our website. We use our phones to share calendars and check availability. We keep all our documents in the cloud. We chat to each other over WhatsApp, even sharing our location live when we’re doing collection/drop offs on the way to gigs. People can tweet us or make a comment on Facebook while we’re in the middle of a gig. There are some bands that have mixing desks that have iPad connections to make changes from in the crowd! When we launched our EP (Miles from Memphis) it had thousands of streams via Spotify but we only ordered 20 copies as that’s just now how people listen to music these days.

This weekend we’re off to Cheshire to play in a new county for some old friends and looking forward to it. The time of year has come when it starts to cool down, so on the upside we can roll our sleeves down but on the downside we have to load in/out in the dark/rain/snow!

See you on a dancefloor somewhere…

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