A gig update from your resident blues band….

Posted by Chris Hornby on August 20, 2014 Our Blog | | No comments

The scene of live music can be kind, be cruel, be a lover, be a mother, a giver, a taker-away…

Our gigs at The Woods have been cancelled (the management don’t want to do live music any more – nothing to do with the quality of the bands they had booked, of course) so we’ve found an alternative gig at Gildersome Conservative Club. We’re told it regularly gets a shedload of people turning up so we’re looking forward to it! We’ve also got the gig at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway beer festival in October too!

Andrew has been on his jollies to Canada so we’re hoping he comes back with lots of songs about bears, moose and maple syrup. In the meantime we’ve been sticking to our regular practise regime at Eiger studios and furnishing them with cake to keep them happy, especially Ben.

To end, here’s a picture of H being angry at the sun.


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