Festive frivolities and fun

Posted by Chris Hornby on November 22, 2014 Our Blog | | No comments

Unless you’ve been asleep since Halloween, you’ll have noticed that the great British retail establishments have been at the Christmas catnip – this is great news because we LOVE Christmas!

Some of the best, messiest, fun gigs have been at the festive season, usually with our guest musicians in tow (Billy and JJ), in fact at The George last year there were people crowd surfing around the pub…

So it only makes sense to put our own Christmas party on this year – not only that though – we’ve hired out Crowd of Favours in Leeds on the 20th of December and this time we’re bringing our musical friends in Hidden Giants! It’s completely free and the fun starts at 8pm!

In other news, we’ve had word that our recordings are ready at Pro Two Studios in Castleford so we’re going down to listen to them this week, we can’t wait for you to hear them. Watch this space….


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