Events, cake, and a good old shindig….

Posted by Chris Hornby on June 8, 2014 Our Blog | | No comments

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Welcome to our blog! We spend a lot of time doing gigs, at venues, setting up, and generally having a great time, so we’d like to share some of that with you.

We’re happy to play almost any sort of event or venue, but at the moment we’re playing lots of birthdays, weddings, and events where there will be some sort of food available for us to have a go at between out first and second set. Want to know the secret of getting us to play our very best and make your event go smoothly? No it’s not pay, and not it’s not 300 white lilies backstage, it’s CAKE.

Cake is delicious. Cake is calorific which means good on-stage stamina. Cake is also good for the soul and packed with sugar for explosive rocking out. Cake gives you strength for delivering a crisp vocal line or sax solo.

So there you go. Musicians are simple creatures, unless you’re J-LO, and if we ever get to that level of demanding, feel free to punch us all squarely in the face and show us the nearest Victoria sponge.


Turnarounds Chris, out.

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