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Posted by Chris Hornby on January 26, 2015 Our Blog | | No comments

Hello Turnarounds blog readers!

You may have been led to believe we’re having a quiet time… but in true panto style – “OH NO IT ISN’T!”.

We played a truly fabulous birthday bash at Harrogate Cricket Club recently, so much so that two of the audience booked us for different things immediately. Harrogate is becoming one our second homes and we don’t even like spa water that much. We’re playing the grand opening of a restaurant there, so if you happen to be in Harrogate on the 11th of February and fancy a Pizza Express, the do is open to the public and we’ll be playing acoustic numbers.

In other news we’ve just taken our first booking for 2016 – a wedding! So chuffed to get these early bookings where people are dead set on some blues rock for their reception, we do love a good wedding/buffet.

The EP is taking shape – Miles From Memphis will be with you soon. We’ve got our friends Emma and Paul doing the artwork and the designs are so great we’re having problems deciding what we want. It will be with you soon – both in physical CDs and on the plethora of online music stores.

Plenty of gigs coming up so keep your eyes on Facebook and Twitter for the latest!

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