The Turnarounds

The Turnarounds are five friends living in Yorkshire, playing blues souled rock and roll.

Weddings, bars, pubs & clubs, corporate events, charity shows, birthday bashes, any celebration with music…! The Turnarounds offer a huge and varied setlist with tunes guaranteed to get toes tapping at any occasion.

Have a listen to the demos to give you a flavour of their sound, and for bookings and further information contact: bookings@theturnarounds.co.uk

Meet The Band:
Andrew: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
The Turnarounds Wedding Band Andrew 1 

"I get to sing the songs and enjoy 
every second of it! I love blues music 
and I also think van loading should 
be an Olympic sport!"

Chris: Sax, Vocals, Tambourine, Tin Whistle... Anything!

The Turnarounds Wedding Band Chris 1

“I love cake, putting our equipment in cases, and cats. I’m not from Yorkshire.

Pete: Sexy Guitar Sounds

The Turnarounds Wedding Band Pete 1

“I’m the only one that doesn’t get a microphone. I love cake, old-time country music and skinny ties. I look awful in hats.”

Haitch: Hitting things with Sticks, Vocals

The Turnarounds Wedding Band Haitch 1

“I love red wine and cheese! I especially love all things drums… and beer…. I don’t like sandy mussels! Anything boaty is quite nice too!”

Ben: Bass, Occasional Trombone, Vocals

The Turnarounds Wedding Band Ben 1

“I like traffic lights, but only when they’re Green. I also like to play trombone as well as bass, i love’s me ska and a selection of classic rock (mostly stuff played on https://www.theeagle1069.com/) check it out. I look good in hats.”