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In 2015 I set myself a New Years resolution to do a daily act of kindness. Now, I’ve not stuck to it as strictly as I wanted to, but my act of kindness to myself is not to beat myself up over it!


I thought I might give you my top 5 random acts of kindness that have a musical theme to them…


1) Send somebody a song


With iTunes and Spotify it’s never been easier to send somebody a song. It only costs between 50p and £1. If you like a song or you think a friend will then just buy them it and they’ll receive it in email with a nice message from you. Remember that uni friend you used to go to gigs with who you never see anymore? Well, why not them a song and say hello!


2) If you’re musical then why not play to support a charity.


The Turnarounds have been proud to do gigs for charities such as Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Macmillan cancer research, and Asthma UK. You could even do an abseil for The Stroke Association….


3) Use social media


If you’ve been to a gig or listened to a new EP (like our Miles from Memphis!) and you like it…then bloody well tell people about it! All acts are on social media these days and it only takes a minute to post a positive comment and tag them in.


4) Watch a busker


Most buskers aren’t in it for the money. What they’d really like is for you to stop and listen. On average a busker songs are only 2-3 minutes long and you’ll make their day by giving them some attention.


5) Listen to a recommendation


People are always telling each other about a song they just heard or their favourite artist, but people never really pay attention. Next time they do make sure you write the name down, then listen to it on YouTube or Spotify and then tell them what you think (either positive or negative). It shows that you listen to them, you value their musical taste and they’ll be dead pleased with you.


So that’s my top 5. If you have any others we’d love you to leave a comment.

Let’s all work together to make this world a better more musical place. And why not do your own random act of kindness to The Turnarounds and share this blog with your musical chums!


Pete x

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