5 things about The Turnarounds in 2018, can you believe number 3?

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Yeah, super clickbait, but 2018 has been a bit like that hasn’t it? Big news stories, turmoil, attention being grabbed all over the place. We’ve had a big year so we’re going to hop right to it and tell you!

We went to new places

Yeah, we went to Scotland. Strathpeffer is ABSOLUTELY miles from Yorkshire but what an incredible place! Never ones to shy away from putting some mileage in for a good time, we ventured to play the wedding of Catherine and Robin at the Pavillion in Strathpeffer, which is a wonderful little place. On the journey up we got nibbled by a highland cow, saw the centre of Scotland, explored new boundaries of physics (If I brake really hard how much stuff will hit Pete in the back of the head?) and most importantly had a blast for the happy couple. It’s safe to say we’re going to make every effort to venture beyond Inverness next time, and who knows, perhaps a John O’Groats gig?

Superbly honourable mentions to Cheshire (Chris’s home county so it’s taken us a while to tick that one off!) for Gill’s excellent 39th birthday, our foray to the Lakes for a Masonic knees up, and the totally unexpected Bollywood bash brilliance in Ravensthorpe for the HCPT.

We broke some personal records

Last year we did two gigs in a day, this year we did THREE. It also happened to be one of the hottest days of the year, which somehow didn’t phase us as we blasted through a charity gig at Kirkstall Abbey, then headed up to North Leeds Rugby Club for their fundraiser (doing a short set on the back of an articulated lorry!), and then lastly on to The Hop (Leeds) to finish the day off. We even squeezed in some Sushi, Andy preserved his voice, tested a few ales and only changed our clothes once….

We welcomed some brilliant couples to their new lives together

Weddings are a big fixture for us now, and there’s something awesome about being part of a couple’s big day, especially if you’re playing their first dance song.
Courtney and Scott have been our friends for years and it was ace to share their day (having eloped to Canada to tie the knot in the first place). Alex and Nenah on the farm in Lincolnshire, with the most incredible surroundings and a totally full dancefloor through the night, what a blast, and of course Catherine and Robin in the “real North”!

Trains are still big in our lives

I don’t know why we keep doing train-related events, perhaps we have a secret lover of locomotives booking our gigs (BEN?) but wherever there are old trains, there are usually good times. The Keighley and Worth Valley railway events are always a great laugh, either with their regular Howarth Haddock events or the annual beer festival you can always be guaranteed a good feed-up and a dance. We went back to the York Railway Museum to play for the young nuclear engineers and were thoroughly spoiled by the staff and the crowd were powered by fusion all night!

The show MUST go on

We’re very keen to make sure that even if some sort of last minute disaster hits an event we carry on and do the right thing. Sound man doesn’t turn up? Fine – we’ll do it ourselves with a bit of extra cabling. Flooded venue? Happy to change plans at the last minute. Bass drum skin failure half way through a gig? Nothing H can’t fix with a mega roll of sticky tape. Got a bad stomach halfway through a big sax solo? Hang in there! Burst tyre on the van? Take ALL THE CARS to a gig and do a stripped back version of everything. We did it ALL.

We’ve had an excellent year, and 2019 will see some new additions to our set, some updated kit to make our sound even better, and our 200th gig is already in the diary. Thanks for booking us, coming to see us, leaving a daft comment on twitter or Facebook and we’ll see you on a dance floor somewhere!

Happy New Year from Andy, Ben, H, Pete and Chris x

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