150 gigs down…

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Join us for our 150th gig

Date: Saturday 8th July 2017

Time: Midday

Where: Kirskstall Abbey

Children of all ages are welcome and there are some great activities for all (last year there was a rocket launcher!)


We’d like all of our friends and fans to join us on Saturday 8th July at the annual Kirkstall festival to celebrate the 150th gig by The Turnarounds. We’ve enjoyed a monumental 6 years together and it’s really all down to people like you who come to see us. We’ve honed our approach to gigs over the 6 years but some things have been ever present…here’s a run down…


7 gigs for the Cookmans

Ben’s family have always really supported us and it’s been great to do so many shows to help their family celebrations – retirements, parties, birthdays….


12.5 hours of Johnny B Goode

It’s been a regular in our set-list since day 1, and we reckon we’ve racked up 12.5 hours of playing time, most of it with Ben wandering around with his wireless kit in the crowd…


Pint anybody?

We’re not heavy drinkers by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes a beer is hard to turn down. We think we’ve probably consumed about 1,500 pints over the years


Our Workhorse

We’ve knocked up a hefty 30000 miles over years and most of that has been covered by Andy’s ever reliable band-van / mobile changing room


Where did the cake go??

No wedding or birthday party is complete without a cake. Fruit cake, Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle, chocolate…you name it we’ll eat it. We think we’ve had 375 pieces of cake at gigs over the years. Very rarely do you get “bad” cake these days.


If you can think of any other great memories from down the years we’d love for you to comment.


Peter x

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